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  1. Howdy folks… For years I’ve used the hard pulp of Feijoas to great effect on myself, my kids, friends and associates for a variety of skin conditions. I’m not a doctor, no records or statistics, no double blind tests. All I suggest is try the following. It’s only a fruit!

    Best if the fruit is not yet ripe. A ripe fruit has less ‘depth’ in the pulp, which is the part we need to use. Roll the hard green fruit between your hands, on your knee, or on a table top. It very quickly softens. Once it softens a little, cut the fruit in quarters lengthways. Scoop out (and eat) the flesh. Although it can be used immediately, it seems to be more effective if the hard pulp has turned a brown colour.

    For some things just use the pulpy skin. Otherwise you can peel the green skin off and make a paste in a blender, which can be frozen for out of season times..

    Eczema, dermatitis. Rub or daub the pulp on areas affected. Leave for as long as possible, rinse off, no soap! Repeat four or five times a day. There should be a noticeable improvement after about 36 hours.

    Nappy Rash. Gently daub on the effected area (don’t rub it HURTS!). Allow baby some nappy free time before a gently rinse. Dry thoroughly before a new nappy. [noticeable improvement – 8 hours]

    Fungal nails. Rub pulp directly onto effected nail three or four times a day. Leave as long as possible.
    OR buy a pack of throw away surgical gloves place a dob of pulp in the fingers. Wear for about 30 – 40 minutes max. You can treat yourself AND wash the dishes or work in the garden :-). Or wear dress gloves over the surgical gloves, eg on your way to and from work etc.
    OR put a little blended pulp in a finger bowl and soak the effected finger/s whenever you can for as long as you can. Do not re-use. [noticeable improvement – one week!!]
    NB: Nails have to re-grow no matter what treatment you are on. It is important to continue your chosen treatment until you have a healthy looking nail. This might take up to two months or more, so freeze some Feijoa segments. Keep some frozen in case it returns. If you catch it at the first sign, it can be erradicated really quickly

    Herpes, cold sores and shingles first indicate with an itchy tingling sensation before they actually appear. Rub a little pulp directly into the effected areas the moment you feel a tingle in an area where you’ve had a cold sore before & leave it as long as possible. Also helps when the sore has already blistered or a sore has formed a scab. About a 35% better healing time. Caught early enough they sometimes don’t develop into a sore at all

    Heat rash, insect bites, rub on effected area, leave as long as possible.

    Tinea. Thoroughly rub the pulp into the effected areas before going to bed. Wear different shoes the next day. [improvement – 12 hrs]
    Go bare foot as much as possible. Walk on the earth, grass or in the sea or sand. Shoes and socks can carry the fungus. Place shoes in the sun! Get rid of any olde infected socks. They can spread tinea throughout your whole wash, except if bleached, which ruins socks anyway. Put some Feijoa leaves in your new shoes!!

    For oral complaints like ulcers, ulcerated throat, sore gums, vitamin B and Folic Acid deficiency (Stomatitis). Old folk with denture sores, Aphthous ulcers and or Angular Cheilitis / Erythema / scaling fissures from the corners of the mouth and down the face.

    Same procedure. Use hard fruit. Roll till softening. Cut into quarters, eat the pulp. Do not blend the hard pulp, slice it into strips. Place a couple of strips in the mouth cheeks like a squirrel. Leave until the flavour has gone. Spit out or eaten. Four or five times a day. Marked improvement in about 36 hrs

    With Angular Cheilitis also daub the pulp gently over the scaling fissures on olde folks face. Get some Vitamin B suppliments.

    You can also preserve the peeled pulp strips in honey after they’ve browned for a couple of days. Two kilos of Feijoas to about a half kilo of honey. Place the Feijoa strips and honey in a saucepan and simmer for an hour. DON’T BOIL! When it’s cooled down a bit put it sealed jars. Keeps forever. The candied pulp strips can be used for the above oral complaints and a couple of pieces in a cup of tea is quite nice. The honey is fantastic on cuts and abrasions.