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The recipe index lets you scan every recipe on this site in one list, or you can of course search or browse the dropdown menus by category. I’ll be removing or replacing many of them over the next season (2021) and starting over – looking for fresh, vibrant flavours and fail proof instructions, keeping the classics and updating some of my favourite other fruit recipes by adding feijoas.

This coming season – an international, year-long sort of season (until July 2021, so that both hemispheres can take part) – we are looking for the biggest, heaviest, record-breaking feijoa that you can find. So start the feijoa whispering now.


The most popular search result leading visitors to this site is how to grow feijoas. I really can’t be classified as an expert on how to get those feijoas to literally rain down each season, but I do have access to a whole lot of professional growers out there who have been happy to share some really insightful advice. As successful fruiting depends on climate and soil and pollination factors (which vary so much and are being impacted by shifts in climate extremes), I have tended to provide somewhat generic guidelines to date. Click on each heading to visit the relevant page.

Growing Feijoas

This has been written for those of us who rushed down to the hardware store, bought a feijoa tree (or two if you read ahead) and now want to know what to do next & how not to cause its untimely demise.


When you grow up with them, they are just a fruit, but to horticulturalists they are myriad. This is a list that is continually being added to, and it’s quite fascinating how many there are and all their lovely names.

Books etc

A small catalogue of titles for anyone looking for more information on the history, economics or science of feijoas, or who just wants to start a feijoa-flavoured library. Suggestions for additions are welcome.

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