My sister-in-law and I have been giggling over this, so I have to share it: a Conjoined Feijoa (affectionately known as Farr-joa) up for auction on New Zealand’s buy and sell site, Trade Me.

conjoined heart-shaped feijoa

As I write, bidding is currently at $30 and the reserve has been met. I don’t have a name for the seller but this inspiring individual has been running a very successful feijoa re-homing program from their work desk. (I really miss the aroha that makes New Zealand so special.)

He/she estimates the rarity of a heart shaped feijoa at rarer than 1/305 ;)

“…as such I have decided to auction this little beauty of to raise funds and awareness for an organization called Heart Kids Canterbury and promote and support my Dad (aged 58), who on the 1st of June is running 56 km to raise money for the charity.”

It’s all done in good humour but if you can support this cause, then I hope you will jump in. The seller is based in Wellington and the auction closes at 8:18 pm this Friday, 30 May.

And if you think that is kind of crazy, then it’s worth mentioning that feijoas seem to appear fairly regularly on Trade Me… the most successful feijoa auction I am aware of was for a feijoa in the shape of a kiwi (New Zealand’s national bird) and it went for a whopping $1000. These pages aren’t complete without an entry for it, so I’ll put that up soon.