If you’re interested in making your own feijoa wine and it all sounds a little bit daunting, then you really have to visit this series of blog posts by the wonderfully talented Tori Veysey who has a gorgeous blog, voyages of the creative variety. Now including her recipe (I would repeat it here but she has created an illustrated recipe – and you just need to go over there and download a version for yourself.) Tori has also photographed each step of the process as she makes her feijoa wine and has niftily taken the mystery out of some of the equipment and how to use it all.

She really makes it all look so easy. I love the labelling of the photos which offer a big reminder that it’s a four month process and a lot of patience is obviously required as the wine settles and clears.

Photos: voyages of the creative variety

I’ve been assured that a taste test is coming soon… wish I was popping around to lend my taste buds to the challenge but I’ll just have to settle for reading about how it all turned out. And I really want to see the labels Tori is going to make for the bottled wine – you can see more of her whimsical and romantic graphic design work if you explore her lovely blog.