Two weekends ago, I set off on what felt like a pilgrimage to the legendary Hinterland Feijoas, dragging my family along for the trip. That wasn’t hard, actually, they’ll go anywhere for feijoas. They’re good like that.*

Wineries offer wine lovers the delights of the cellar door… and the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland Feijoas offer an ‘orchard door’ arrangement where locals can pick up their (pre-ordered) fresh and organic feijoas. It’s much more than that though: if you care to stop, you can relax in the shade of the verandah, overlooking all those yummy feijoa trees and the gorgeous vista of Belli Park’s horse studs and farmland, and discuss and enjoy all things feijoa.

Preserved feijoas and feijoa white balsamic glaze

all the yummy things

If you can get past the table of temptations, which I couldn’t – preserved feijoas, different flavoured feijoa jams, balsamic glazes and chutney made with the fruit – there is also feijoa gelato, tea and coffee, and on this auspicious occasion, a freshly baked feijoa and coconut cake**. Heaven, I was thinking the whole time, I’m in heaven.

Sally from Hinterland Feijoas

Sally from Hinterland Feijoas


Hinterland Feijoas is owned by Peter Heineger and Sally Hookey. There’s lots more about them on their website (see link below). Sally and I have been writing and commenting and cheering on the feijoas for some time now but we had never met before. I had prickly tears when I saw her beautiful smile and there are many good reasons why these two and their endeavour won the Small Business of the Year 2012 in the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards.

I just deleted a paragraph because I got too gushy… but if you can make it up that way, go check out something special. Just take a good map. In New Zealand, it seems fair to say that nearly every road leads to a feijoa tree. But in Australia, only a few do and they can pose a trick or two for the sat-nav^.

Hinterland Feijoas, 131 Browns Road, Belli Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Check out their website for more information www.hinterlandfeijoas.com.au or email info@hinterlandfeijoas.com.au to place your order. Due to quarantine restrictions fresh fruit cannot be sent to WA or VIC ;)

* I think my son cleaned out the tasting table while we were talking – apologies to everybody else.
** There is not always cake. (That recipe coming soon because it was divine.)
^ Hint: there are short-cut roads but you do not want to take them if you are not in a SUV or are constrained by time. Stay on the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road.

More sources for feijoas in Australia will be featured soon. If you sell them from your farm, or know of a suburban tree where the fruit is going to waste and want to share… let me know.