It’s 41 degrees Celsius at our place on this auspicious day (a catastrophic fire day for NSW)… and we are packing brown boxes! Well, I’m taking a breather – it’s definitely hot in here.

Tomorrow we leave our Central Coast hideaway and (small sob) my feijoa trees and head back to city life – moving interstate to a climate where I’m pretty sure feijoas don’t fruit. It’s a long story is all I can say.

Without my trees I am not sure in which direction feijoafeijoa will go. I can continue to reflect all the amazing stuff that everyone else is doing and forget about my own plans for this space or I can reinvent or I can abandon. I’ll think about that on the journey north.

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by. I know I have a backlog of comments to respond to and posts to go up and maybe I can start work on the next 100 fabulous recipes.  Once I’ve unpacked all these brown boxes!


I didn’t hand pollinate this year… and as a result there was no fruit from all the lovely flowers the tree produced. That’s OK. I couldn’t stand to leave a fruiting tree behind. Hoping the new owners appreciate the rich bounty that awaits them in coming years.