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The best thing about a blog, I have to say, is the people who take the time to comment and email. I read that on other people’s blogs – big famous blogs – and I know it to be true.

A little while ago, I received a request from a gentleman in Azerbaijan who was looking for a lot of feijoa trees. 200,000 to be exact. I had to email him to check he really needed that many and that it wasn’t a hoax. And yes, he does and no it isn’t.

Parviz Ilyasov is the business development manager of the Agricultural company, IKAR-S, based in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital. You can check out all the amazing things grown in Azerbaijan on their website http://www.ikar-s.az (site now defunct). I love that they keep bees too.

I’ve known for a while that there is a thriving feijoa industry in Azerbaijan. I find their products all over the web, with labels written in Azerbaijani but I haven’t been quite sure how to feature them, not speaking or reading that language.

So I just wanted to shout out this request to any of the feijoa growers who visit this page… I’m quite aware that I don’t even know the export requirements for live trees and I wonder if there is in fact any grower in Australia who could attempt to deliver such an order or part of an order with the industry in its fledgling state.

Or maybe New Zealand’s Feijoa Growers’ Association may be able to co-ordinate a shipment of this kind?

It’s an interesting request with many challenges, no doubt … if you’ve got any ideas on this one please contact Mr Ilyasov via his website or post your comments below.