Well, there has been a lot happening here at chez feijoa… and not much of it has anything to do with feijoas.

So it was with much joy that I received this gorgeous pick-me-up in the mail the other day (thank you thank you my dear sis) and they’ve snapped me out of the winter doldrums and busyness that is consuming me at present).

These sweet treats are beautifully flavoured (I spent an age just sniffing them) and they even have a little bitter tang hiding in there that makes you think there’s skin on ’em. Just a perfect chewy hit of feijoa deliciousness.

The packet was just a little bit too small for my liking (heh, I shared them around and the sharees liked them much too much as well) but a quick search online reveals numerous places selling them in 1kg bags!

More feijoa goodness coming soon as I get back into the swing of my virtual life.