I get asked some really interesting questions about feijoas. Questions I don’t have the answers to yet. And I have seriously been wondering if I should study horticulture because it’s a long way from being a fan to being an expert. So I’ve decided to create a new category and throw those questions open to the community. If you can help, please leave a comment.

Can you identify this cultivar?

A visitor to these pages from Argentina (!!) has asked for help in identifying their feijoa’s cultivar… there are more photographs of the plant on Huertas Urbanas (Urban Gardening, if I can trust Google translator.)


Please take a look or let me know if there are any sites that identify cultivars with images… something I would really love to create here if I can locate the resources.

Because the writer lives in Argentina, it’s most likely that the cultivars are from Argentina, Uruguay or Brasil – and not ones we’re more familiar with here in the antipodes.