Those lovely people in particular who follow this blog will know that I haven’t been posting much lately. Life has been getting in the way of what is essentially a hobby and passion and distraction all of its own.

I also read a piece of blogging wisdom some place that said it was quite common to lose focus after two years… to start asking “why am I doing this?” and “where am I going to take this?” So I checked the dates, thinking it must be getting near to two years that I’ve been living in virtual feijoa land and what do you know? It is three years. Today. I love it when the universe does that!

So I am quietly celebrating three years of publicly outing myself as “that feijoa lady”. (You can put the crazy in there if you want.) Despite the darned miserable fact that the season has passed here, I had feijoa jam on toast this morning, thanks to a lovely friend who whipped up a batch of her favourite recipe and pulled a jar out of her handbag on a surprise visit. Lucky me, on many levels.

But it doesn’t end there… I’ve also been tippling away on the very fine aromatic concoction that is 8th Tribe’s Feijoa liqueur. You can’t buy it here in Australia – not yet – but one of their elegant bottles found its way across the ditch and I am loving the aroma, the flavour and the sweet little kick that hides at the end. Just like a lovely feijoa.

I’ll write more about that in a separate post, but it got me thinking that I will try to find the 20 best ways to get through the feijoa non-season… if you’ve got any ideas you want to put forward, please do so. I’ve been a bit haphazard with the commercial products that use feijoa but I hope this year to get a few more features in on all the great feijoa-flavoured products. And more recipes, of course.

Speaking of 8th Tribe… have you entered their great competition yet? The chance to win 20kg of fresh feijoas, shipped to your door (if your government allows it!). And the other goodies… Check out my previous post and follow the link. It’s easy if you’re already on Facebook.

I’m not entering but I’ve been reading the entries… there are some goodies. And of course I thought I may as well write down my own memories of life as a feijoa kid, just to enter in the spirit of it all.

When I was a little girl I lived in a house with three Manuka bushes out front: one red, one white and one pink. Looking back I paint it a fairy tale land where the colours and flavours were so much more vibrant, but it was just another small quiet North Island town. Our street was filled with kids and we were fruit raiders, all of us. Stripping bare passionfruit vines, bashing the loquats off a neighbour’s tree, sneaking into the vineyard to lie beneath the vines and illicitly pick the beautiful grapes. But the favourite fruit of them all were autumn’s feijoas, when the huge tree that bordered a big park behind our house rained down its bounty of fruit. We clamoured over the branches, scooped them up off the ground, filled bags and laughed our way through that delicious scent. Cutting and scooping was always my favourite way to eat them, but I remember just biting into the flesh, skin and all, with juice dribbling down our faces. Every time I taste a feijoa that time comes back to me… a time of sun-browned skin and monarch caterpillars, of after school freedom and tearing around the immense wide expanse of the local neighbourhood.

Does any other fruit or flavour taste of happy the way feijoa does?

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who stops by here, to those who comment and those who email me and share and support and who are just as crazy mad passionate for this fabulous fruit. Three years, who would have thought? xxx