A big hi to everyone who is dropping in here searching for feijoa recipes. So glad you found feijoa feijoa. My little widgety thing tells me you’re all making jam and chutney and cakes with autumn’s best ever fruit. And that widgety thing tells me there are a lot of you!

Sorry there are no updates from me at the moment… my hard drive up and failed for the second time and I’m peddling like a little gerbil on a wheel to operate this very old back up machine just so that I can answer your comments and questions.

The good news is that feijoas finally arrived here on the Central Coast. Check out Harris Farm, if you’re local! Isn’t the first sniff, the first bite really special after the long long wait? I have a big bowl of them (won’t last long though) and my son observed that the house smells of feijoa.

Thanks again for stopping by and especially those who take the time to comment. It’s so nice to hear from you. 

Enjoy those feijoas – I’m pretty sure no-one needs to be reminded.