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Well here is some feijoa deliciousness created just for children. A wee poem about our favourite fruit, on a site called Fruit for Kids:

A tiny avocado? No, I’m not!
I’m a feijoa and I grow where it’s hot.
Pineapple guava is my other name.
South America, New Zealand is whence I came.
I’m soft and sweet; eat me with a spoon.
But I’m bitter ‘till fall, so don’t pick me too soon.
My flower petals also taste fine.
I invite you, children, come and dine.

I personally would have to quibble about them growing in a hot climate (because the fruit won’t set if it’s not chilly enough) but who’s to get in the way of good rhyme? And the use of whence always makes me wince. But there are poems about all kinds of exotic and favourite fruits, accompanied by very cute illustrations – just like this one:

AND, if you need more feijoa joy there is also a whimsical and enchanting story called Feijoa: gift of the sea, which outlines why the feijoa is filled with important iodine and why the trees love those cool sea breezes. I’m willing to bet you never knew!