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Just a quick round of applause from me for the Kiwi contestants Simon and Meg on My Kitchen Rules (on Australia’s Channel 7). Tonight they featured a few good old Kiwi flavours in their menu – whitebait, watercress, snapper and feijoa.

Of course, I wasn’t really paying attention until they mentioned the feijoa and apple crumble.

I was a little surprised that none of the Australian contestants knew what a feijoa was and Chef Pete Evans summed up my thoughts with his tweet #MKR does the dessert win? Can they judge the feijoa if they don’t know it?

Reactions ranged from strong dislike to strong praise (as might be expected), but Pete Evans made the lovely comment that the feijoa took the crumble from standard to remarkable. Yes indeed.

And now those Kiwis are at the top of the leader board. For now.

Yay, feijoa. Nice to see you creating a bit of a stir on prime time television.