Aren't they too cute?

So, I still have a lot to learn about growing feijoas here in Australia. This is the single baby fruit that is growing on a tree which was covered in blossoms and lovingly hand pollinated with flowers from three other trees. Just so you know I’m trying to be thorough here.

As one of the local gardening experts laughed at me for expecting fruit from a three year old tree, I realised that I need a lot more patience. And a little more time. That just means the wonderful adventurous ideas I have for recipes will have to wait another year or two and I’ll just get back to focusing on all the really wonderful stuff that everyone with buckets of the fruit is creating instead.

And of course, Happy New Year feijoa lovers. As I read just recently, that means less than 90 days until the first of the early fruiting feijoas! Can’t wait to taste that wonderful fruit again.