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I guess this can be considered a virtual installation – a series of feijoa artworks united only by their subject matter. All copyright remains with the artists, of course. I think a number of these could easily grace my walls. Please visit the links if you like the images – at the time of writing, some still appear to be for sale. For more feijoa art, check out fejioa art gallery #2.

Feijoa Flower by Lyn Gosling. Acrylic.  From the website Paintings I Love.

Feijoa flower, acrylic, by Lyn Gosling

Fruit [2008] by Alan Doak. Acrylic. From his website www.thinman.co.nz.

Acrylic on canvas, by Thinman

This lovely watercolour and pencil by Jennifer Taranto was selected for exhibit in The Art of Botanical Illustration – Sixth Biennial Exhibition and Sale 2002 by the Melbourne Friends of the Royal Botanical Society.

Watercolour and pencil by Jennifer Taranto

A lovely sketch of feijoas by Tamisan Mio on DeviantART.

Tamisan Mio on Deviant Art

Sliced Feijoa, by Karl Braun, Oil on Jute, 60 x 90cm, from Braun Paintworks.

Karl Braun : Sliced Feijoa, 2001

Feijoas by David Moore on Chrysalis.

Feijoas by David Moore

Black and white photograph of the feijoa flower by Martin Sandburg / Swedish Goose on Flickr.

Macro photograph of Guavasteen by Swedish Goose on Flickr

There are a lot more so I’ll leave them for a second “gallery” post.