I’ve decided to change the format and design of feijoa feijoa. I’m still perusing WordPress designs, oohing and ahhing over the premium templates, and wondering if it is time to migrate to my own domain. I feel going back to a standard blog template – where you can just scroll down through the latest posts and recipes – will make using the site easier and I just don’t like the really small font and the subtle (read invisible) hyperlinks anymore.

BUT I am not a web designer and I know there is a lot involved when you change these things. If the site suddenly disappears or looks horrific, then this is what I am up to. Bear with me. We’ll be back better and brighter and groovier in good time.

**UPDATE: I’ve decided to use this gorgeously elegant design from WordPress until I can find a web designer and migrate everything over to another site. That won’t be until next year due to other commitments. Hope you enjoy the Chateau theme… I think it’s very pretty and the links are much easier to find.