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Let us know if you stumble across any more great nurseries where you can purchase quality fruit trees.

As is mentioned here and there, and is oft debated, a cheaper seedling plant may be the problem if your tree is not fruiting. If you want reliable and bountiful crops of feijoa fruit then buying a grafted, named variety is recommended.

If you’re buying from Bunnings, and the plant has no ‘name’– just a label that says feijoa acca sellowiana – then it’s a seedling plant and the results can be less than fruitful. You will pay more for a cultivar than a seedling, usually.

In the comments below there are some great tips on growing  your own trees, and it pays to remember that there are many variables in getting your tree to fruit.


Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery
36 Daley’s Lane, Geneva via Kyogle, NSW

Perrys Fruit & Nut Nursery
Kangarilla Road, McLaren Flat, SA 5171




The selection of cultivars is not huge, but at least a few of them are supposed to be good.

Also, Home Depot stores in California often sells the Nazemetz cultivar.