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Feijoa’s short and brilliant season sadly means at least eight months of the year without any fruit but fortunately there are numerous ways to satisfy the cravings. Lucky are those who can bottle, preserve or freeze tons of pulp and fruit and reuse it throughout the year whenever they desire. For those of us who don’t have access to large quantities in season, then the options include chocolate, vodka and jam. (Well,  those happen to be my preferred options.)

For the past few weeks I’ve been indulging in a classic feijoa jam from Hinterland Feijoas. I’ve written briefly about Hinterland Feijoas before, but I mention them again because Sally Hookey  is just sooo passionate about feijoas and the industry and her own orchard – and because she enlisted the help of Sunshine Coast chef Peter Wolfe to create their range of delicious jams. Which makes them something special.

The feijoa flavour packs a punch (phew, craving satisfied) and there is a wonderful fine grittiness to the jam that captures the grainy texture of the fruit. Sweet and aromatic, just perfect for morning tea with my new favourite lemonade scones and a definite cure for my winter blues.

You can buy these jams at a bunch of exciting places around the Sunshine Coast or you can mail order them directly – find out more details on the Hinterland Feijoas website.