They have just finished a bumper season by all accounts but Sally Hookey and Peter Heineger of Hinterland Feijoas on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland have also solved the problem of getting that fabulous feijoa flavour all year round. With a 700-tree orchard growing six different feijoa varieties, Sally and Peter distribute their fruit locally in autumn and have also created a range of hand-made jams and chutney for sale year round. Pulp from their feijoas also features in local smoothies and sorbets.

That’s the great news for Sunshine Coasters who are addicted to the feijoa taste, but the good news for the rest of us further afield is that you can also order the jams and chutney by mail if you’re hankering for quality products made from feijoa. Oh, and it’s all farmed organically, which means it doesn’t get any better.   

Hinterland Feijoas

Created from recipes by local chef Peter Wolfe, the product line includes feijoa jam, feijoa and boysenberry jelly, feijoa and ginger jam, spicy cured feijoa chutney, and feijoa and rosella* jam.

Information on how to order is all detailed on their delightful website, and you’ll also find:

  • A spectacular recipe for feijoa chocolate cake
  • A list of local places you can buy their products, and where you’ll find the fruit when it’s in season
  • An invitation to be on the season starting list for next year’s crop
  • A quick link to their Facebook page so you can share their contagious enthusiasm for the fruit and be part of the Hinterland Feijoas community.
  • An online shop coming soon.

It’s well worth a look. And a road trip north…

*And if you want to know what a rosella is (no, it’s not a bird in this case) join the Hinterland Feijoas Facebook page – Sally has much more information including photographs. Looks so delicious!