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Mail order feijoas.  Now how is that for a novel idea and  a brilliant little niche in the exotic fruit market?

Well, if you can think of it, someone’s probably doing it, right?

Absolutely. I recently discovered a small company called Feijoa Direct online. Of course, I am often found keyword searching all manner of things feijoa and this website was a new addition in Google’s search results.

The business is based around an orchard of 400 trees in the locality of Nambugga, just out of Bega on the New South Wales south coast. This year, 2011, is their first crop.

So, it’s very simple. You fill out the online order form and once you’ve handed over your money and exactly as the name suggests, they send your feijoas directly to you. Yep, to the door.

I just love this idea and I’ve already put my order in*. I am awaiting with a whole lot of excitement my box of fresh feijoas. I’ll be interested in how the soft-skinned feijoa copes with the courier system and how good they taste.

Owner Kevin Dibley seems pretty friendly and he says he’s been inundated with orders (mostly kiwis of course). He warns on the website that it is a small crop and supply is limited, so get thee over there and give them a bell.

*I am absolutely sure I haven’t ordered enough.