There’s nothing quite like a hard drive failure to curb your virtual life, is there? While I do have limited access via a cranky old desktop (which clunks and wheezes in a way that’s quite alarming), it’s not pleasant and I feel somewhat curtailed as far as blogging goes. But while I am here, I thought I could manage a few quick updates.

  • I’ve found a local-ish source of feijoas and am just waiting on a price. With courier added in, this could still be a punch to the solar plexus. But we’ll see.
  • The feijoa chocolate I picked up in New Zealand was inhaled. It wasn’t hard, there only being 6 or 8 pieces in a pack – and by the time they were shared with a neighbour and the husband, well, it was all sad eyes at the empty wrappers. But a perfect entrapment of the feijoa flavour and of course it complemented the rich smooth chocolate ideally. Highly recommended.
  • We’re still sucking on the hard boiled sweets. They are a great trigger for the feijoa memories and good value, lasting so long.
  • We’ve just opened the feijoa jam and it has the most perfect grainy texture that is exactly the same as the grittiness in a fresh feijoa. Divine.
  • Don’t you just love the beauty of the feijoa flower? Our two feijoa blossoms were smashed to pieces by gale force winds within a day of flowering, but I managed to capture a few shots of their gorgeousness.