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Photo: A Touch of Dutch

There is a bar in Amsterdam called Feijoa. I have no way of getting there, no way of rating the lighting, the decor, the music. I have absolutely no way of appraising the crowd to know if they are ultra-cool, or occasionally abrasive and drearily-suited. Nor of knowing how friendly the staff are and how divine the cocktails actually are…

But I love you, Feijoa bar. If I could I would pop right down there now for a feijoa-inspired drink, I would.You sound like my kind of place.

The address is Vijzelstraat 39, 1017 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is owned by native Amsterdammer Sergej Fokke and it has been called a “tiny bartender’s bar” by Mixology, the German online magazine for bar culture. Mixology also rates Feijoa as “one of the three or four finest cocktail bars in Holland, full-stop”.

World’s Best Bars describes Feijoa as “highly stylish” and “appealingly eclectic” with antique lamps and black and white photos on the walls.

I can only dream about it, but if you’re in that neighbourhood maybe you can check it out for me.

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