I am not really a fan of muesli – I am more of an oats or toast or eggs kind of gal. So I don’t want to spend any amount of time pretending that I have tried any of these and love them (I would probably love them more than I love other muesli because they are feijoa-flavoured, but all that puffed rice, puffed wheat and other flakey kind of stuff just isn’t to my taste first thing in the morning.) And the real truth is Hubbards don’t export to Australia and I haven’t found feijoa cereal at the local grocery store where my Dad lives in New Zealand. But I admit I am kinda curious, because to kickstart the day with feijoa all year round appeals mightily.

So I am really including these here as the first examples I’ve found of box art and packaging featuring the humble feijoa.

Hubbards Feijoa Lite Muesli

Hubbards Light & Right Feijoa Muesli

Hubbards Light & Right Feijoa Frolic