Feijoa has its very own font! It is designed by Kris Sowersby at the Klim Type Foundary (a New Zealander of course). I just adore the softness of the font and the flamboyance of the ligatures, which remind me of the delicate stamens of the feijoa flower.

Here are a few words from Kris about his design:

Feijoa is my first serious book typeface, representing four summer’s worth of bloody hard work. I wanted a feeling of softness in a typeface, to design a type that didn’t have all the sharp points and edges that can make digital type so stale and inhuman. The saying “a straight line is a dead line” was very inspirational, I initially took that rather seriously. However, it became apparent that this need not be taken literally, as many of the baseline curves became irrelevant at smaller sizes. There really isn’t much more for me to say. All I wanted to do was make a decent, useable text typeface that could handle most uses in book settings. I never really read these blurbs anyway–most typophiles just look at the letterforms and make up their mind!

Because I know very little about typography (except that I want this one for a tattoo, an artwork wiggling around in my head and a t-shirt design for my child), here are some links to Klim’s own site, an interview with him and industry reviews of his creative brilliance.

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