My olfactory senses are in rather a giddy state after discovering this blog Glass Petal Smoke, written by Michelle Krell Kydd of New York. She is a highly awarded perfumist and gustatory expert whose descriptions of food and scent quite simply transport you to another world.

In January 2009 she focused on the feijoa, calling it a “strange fruit” and one that “defies categorization”. I realise I am not much of a writer because I am happy to leave it right there, uncategorised, but Michelle then uses her expert nose and fantastic writing to capture the aromatic intensity of the feijoa:

… the immediate impression of a feijoa is a tropical mélange that evokes guava, strawberry, pineapple and violet notes”

Michelle also points out that feijoas ‘have an ambrosial flavor and taste exactly like they smell’ and draws attention to the textures of the fruit: the jelly-like pulp in the centre and the creamy-grittiness nearer the skin…

Don’t stop at my clumsy rephrasings – visit her beautiful site for the full description of feijoas (and other wonderful things) and to discover the astronomical price that feijoas go for in New York State (splutter).