We’ve been talking about feijoa trees for a while now and we finally put them in a few months ago. I just didn’t quite think to blog about it at the time. So, I’ve backtracked a little bit and hopefully can get in the habit of updating on how they’re going.

Not every day, of course. But through the seasons, the major changes. The triumphs (I am of course being entirely optimistic that drought/flooding/fire/falling trees will not kill our little project). Supplemented by recipes, products, feijoa spottings and price checks…

So basically, we’re from New Zealand originally and after nine years in Australia, we’re still complaining about how hard it is to find feijoas (along with a chorus of other kiwis, missing their exotic fruit).

When you do find them, the ouch/cost factor is so high that you are truly rationed: there is no gorging yourself stupid as we did when we were kids. I have found them cheaper at the local grower’s markets (if I am quick) but not cheap enough to have any left over for cooking, baking etc. So what do  you do? Grow ’em yourself, of course.

We found small trees in the local nursery in July and set to. We put one in and kind of looked at each other and went back for another one. Actually, I think we got it from another nursery. But there you have it.  Two saplings. In the ground. Well draining soil. Sheltered position but sunny for a lot of the day.

It’s possibly three years before we have fruit, although I am also looking forward to the beautiful blossoms. This is my first garden, so we shall see if we don’t kill them first. That’s it. More facts coming soon.